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Murder My Sweet

Murder My Sweet was a project formed by Mark Younger-Smith in Austin TX. I joined the project in 2005 and wrote these songs and recorded them with Mark. They were produced by Mark Younger-Smith and Keith Forsey. 

Active Radio

I formed the band "Active Radio" in 1999 when I was introduced to Kelly Smith in Austin TX. At the time, I was in the studio with Mark Addison recording an EP entitled Pilot which was never released. Kelly and I hit it off instantly and we began working on music together. With the addition of Seth Orell on drums and Steve Bernal on bass Active Radio was born. When "Frequency" was released in 2004 we had Glenn Mcgregor on bass. Unfortunately by this point Kelly Smith had left the band for creative differences. All former contributing members of Active Radio performed on "Frequency". 


The song "Daffodil", featured on 'Frequency' was played regularly on KROX 101.5 in Austin TX and was requested by listeners on a regular basis. 

Three songs on "Frequency" were featured on an episode of the CNBC series "American Made" in 2006. 

Live at Rockwood Music Hall 


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