Aaron Vaughn Barrera


More Mixing in Brooklyn...

I spent the day in Brooklyn mixing songs for my new EP that I plan on releasing later this year. Keith Robinson and I have been working hard to get the mixes just right, and I think we finally did! I'm very happy with the 3 songs so far. We have 2 more songs to track and mix before we release the EP, but I think they will be great. Keith and I have worked together before in a band called Murder My Sweet back in Austin, so we have an nice working relationship. Basically, he puts up with my bullshit very well! So thanks Keith for everything!

I also got to hang with my good friend and amazing songwriter Dave Doobinin who is also working on his LP as we speak. We had wine and food and discussed possibly doing some shows together soon. 

All in all it was a very productive day. August is looking good!


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