Aaron Vaughn Barrera


Gigging in NYC

I'm not going to lie, it's tough to get gigs here. When I do get an opportunity to play a venue, they expect me to draw several fans to the gig. The problem is, I don't have too many fans here in NYC. Over the past 3 years, I've been playing gigs as much as possible to try and build an audience in NY, but it's really tough to get folks to come out to your shows. You have to give them a reason to come, some kind of incentive, like FREE BEER! or FREE ANYTHING! I guess if I had something to offer like good music, people would start coming out to more shows. The thing is, people always tell me how great they think my music is yet they never come out to see me perform. I myself am guilty of being a homebody, especially living in New York. It's expensive and getting around can be exhausting. You have to deal with trains or cab rides, and then there's the people. (No comment) So I've decided to make an effort to go out and see more live music and start networking with my peers. Maybe the universe will send me some good Karma and pack my next show (which happens to be August 31st at Rockwood Music Hall). I'm still working on new songs and the mixes from my last studio session should be done soon so keep checking back to hear some new music! Till next time.


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